Nuara –CookSicily” cooking courses offer an opportunity to learn about the rich heritage of techniques, knowledge and craft skills that Sicily, and particularly the Trapani area, possesses. A precious heritage, the result of a long history of cross-cultural contamination and deeply rooted in local identity, which can only be acquired through close contact with local producers and chefs.
Passion, fun and quality are the elements that express the school’s philosophy, many chefs, but unique format that is inspired by clarity, simplicity, fun.

Courses can be participatory or demonstration in nature and all include a time for tasting the food prepared.

The gastronomic culture center “Nuara – Cook Sicily” offers:

  • Basic cooking classes;
  • Advanced and technical courses (for professionals and non-professionals);
  • Nutrition education classes for children and youth;
  • Thematic meetings with local chefs and producers;
  • Product tastings and sensory analysis;
  • Periodic thematic meetings dedicated to quality wines and excellent productions with tastings;
  • Team building activities and corporate events;
  • Courses/Events tailored for groups or individuals, Italian or other nationalities.
  • For tourists cooking classes, cooking shows,guided tastings

Upcoming EVENTS