The TrapaniWelcome Cultural Association has been working in the field of cultural promotion of the Trapani area for several years.
Various territorial marketing activities, quality manifestations and events, tourism initiatives, and gastronomic culture projects carried out with the intention of recovering indigenous knowledge and traditions, as well as enhancing – in full respect of the local ecosystem – the beauty of the landscape, and the great historical, artistic and cultural heritage that the area offers.

Nuara” is a concentrate of flavors and knowledge related to the Mediterranean area. Local chefs, food technicians and experts guide guests of the Cooking School on a journey through re-discovery of Sicilian culture and traditions.

But it doesn’t end there. “Nuara” is also a place for meetings and events, an educational and playful area, a laboratory for new experiences, ideas and initiatives born from the confrontation with the different actors (producers, partners, associations, institutions, schools, etc.) of the territory.

Of notable importance are the initiatives toward tourists from show cooking to cooking classes and guided tastings.

Trapani welcome organizes the events Stragusto, Rosso aglio & Bianco sale,Cibolì, Aglio Rosso experience.

Upcoming EVENTS